How To Fix Purple Light On Linksys Velop

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First of all, the purple light on Linksys Velop you are seeing is not an issue. It just indicates that your Linksys Velop is ready to set up. Linksys Velop can show different kinds of lights like:

Color Purpose
Solid Blue Light – It means that your Velop is connected properly and ready to provide you with faster internet.
Solid Amber – It stands for the fact that there is some issue in the connection of your Velop device. You can check the wires and electricity connection to find out the cause of the interrupted connection. Placement of the device can also be the cause of it. So try to check the instructions given online for the purple light on Linksys Velop issue and check all the points.
Purple Light – Purple light on Linksys Velop means your Velop is ready to be set up and is not configured yet. It can be an issue if you see the same colour of light even after installing your device.

Resolving the Post-Setup Purple Light on Linksys Velop Issue

There is nothing to be worried about even if you face purple light on Linksys Velop issue. It just indicates that you made some mistake while setting up your Velop. It can be anything and now that you are doing it for the very first time. You may need to reconfigure your Velop again. You need to restart your Velop for that. Go to the official site of Linksys after restarting and click on login. There are chances that it will be logged in automatically due to the cache files stored in your system. But if it prompts you for the option of login then you have to fill in all the credentials that you have filled in before. All the instructions will be given on your screen once you log into your default account successfully.

Purple Light on Linksys Velop

Things To Keep In Mind Before Setting Up Your Account

The process of setting up your account is crucial and easy at the same time but there must be one or more reasons that your setup was not done previously.

  • Placement of your device – It plays a vital role in the performance of your device. So you should take care of a few things while choosing a place. You should place the device in the center of the room, and settle the host device and the Velop near each other. Electromagnetic devices also affect the connectivity and performance of network devices so you should make sure that such devices should not be near your Velop.
  • Ethernet Cable – It is a wire that is used to connect your host device and Velop. This is the very base of your setup process. If you are using an old cable then it can cause some issues as it would not be able to supply the signals from your host device to the Velop.
  • Slow Internet – You have to ensure that you have an internet connection of either 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz before starting with the procedure. Because slow and unstable internet can prevent your configuration from being completed smoothly.
  • Electricity Connection – The power outlet that you are using to plug in your host device should have an ample supply of electricity. It is important because the host device will not be able to provide the appropriate amount of power supply to the primary device in this case which can lead to connectivity issues and slow internet.

Step-by-Step Process of Velop Set-Up

You will see the complete set of instructions to follow after logging in. You can set up your Velop successfully just by following these instructions.

linksys velop
  • The first step is to connect your host device with the primary device via an ethernet cable.
  • Then you have to prepare the device that you want to pair with the Velop.
  • Refresh your device and go to the network settings.
  • Scan for the new network name to appear on the screen.
  • Connect it by entering the default password that you already have.
  • Wait for a few seconds and let it pair.
  • Restart your device once you have paired it successfully.
  • Now you can check its performance to make sure that it connects properly.
  • The purple light on Linksys Velop must have stopped blinking by now.

What Next If The Issue of Purple Light Persists

Sometimes it happens that you make the same mistake again as you do not know what you did wrong in the first place. In that case, you can seek additional help to resolve your issue.

User Manual Guide

This booklet contains all the information one can ask for. It has the answers to all of your hows and whys. The complete procedure of login and setup along with the explanation of every part is there. Also, there is proper meaning and explanations of purple light on Linksys Velop. You can understand everything about your Linksys Velop after going through this user manual guide.

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An efficient help desk team is the best feature of Linksys after its faster and more stable internet connection. They are available 24/7 for your help. Highly trained members are there to resolve purple light on Linksys Velop issue in a few minutes. They pay attention to every little detail that helps them to detect the real cause of the problem. Their straightforward and friendly approach troubleshoots all of your problems easily. This is the only goal they have. So you can reach out to them by visiting their website online. You will need to click on our customer care Toll-Free number. We have streamlined our help desk service solely for your benefit so contact us without any worry.