Velop Devices Not Connecting To Closest Node?
Possible Reasons And Solutions!

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Linksys velop setup are well-known for better WiFi range coverage even for the larger house and ample offices. Once the configuration process is done easily, it starts amplifying the internet signals throughout every corner. After configuring the Linksys Velop, it is critically necessary to connect other nodes to it for maximum internet coverage. That you can do by using the ethernet wires.

Although setting and attaching processes are straightforward, you can execute them using the Linksys WiFi app. However, you may face an error like velop devices not connecting to closest node due to some technical glitches. That case can be more frustrating if you are unable to resolve the error on your own. But, you can try out these troubleshooting tips that will surely work for your velop error. However, before applying those solutions, go through some reasons that may lead you to face errors so that you choose the solution appropriately.

Common Source Of The Errors

Obviously, there can be several factors that can force you to face the velop devices not connecting to closest node. Which involves the problem with the Velop’s main node, parent nodes, and some other causes. So, have a look once over those possible reasons that we listed below.

Interrupted Power Supply

Foremost of all, the main reason behind this condition can be the interrupted electrical supply from the power sockets. The power outlets to which the Linksys velop and node are connecting are damaged or have any internal glitch. Maybe the power cable and port of the velop are broken and that’s why you are getting velop devices not connecting to closest node.

linksys Velop

Weak Or No Connection

Another possibility behind the error can be due to the broken or malfunctioning ethernet wire. That cable could have a sign of tear or wear on it which is causing the connectivity error for sure. This happens when the wire is too old or not the original one that you received with velop.

Errors In Configured Settings

Most probably the faulty configured settings make the issue rather than the other factors. You might use the wrong information on the Linksys velop such as the login details and default web or IP address. You might be able to complete the process but the imperfect details can create the velop devices not connecting to closest node error further.

Wrong Placement Of Velop And Node

If every point is alright and the error still persists, then you might place the velop and node far away. The distance between them is too much and your house appliances are also interrupting the signals. As a result, you are facing connection errors like velop devices not connecting to closest node.

Resolve The Error

After verifying the above-mentioned reasons thoroughly, use and apply these solutions. These tips will help you to get the velop devices not connecting to closest node error fixed.


Reboot The Velop And Node

The foremost, quickest, and easiest method to solve the error is to reboot the velop once. This method will help you to remove the temporary technical error from the velop if there is any. As if everything is in working condition, then there can be any error in the velop from its technical end. So, just take out the velop from the power socket and unplug the nodes too.

Wait for some time and give some rest to them. Later, plug them in again and try using the other power sockets if the older ones are not working properly. Now, set up the Velop again and check whether the velop devices not connecting to closest node error is fixed or not. If it is not, then use another solution.

Relocate The Velop And Node

After rebooting the velop, try to move the velop and node to different locations if these are far away from each other. In fact, choose the central location of your house to place the main node and place another node in the WiFi dead spots. Ensure that your house appliances don’t come in the velop’s range to prevent signal interruptions. Doing so will also allow you to avoid velop devices not connecting to closest node issue for sure.

Make The Connection Strong

Now, once you place the velop and node in the best location, try connecting them together using the latest ethernet cable. Make sure the ethernet wire that you are using currently is the original one and must be in working condition. Additionally, the wire must be long enough to attach both devices tightly.

Update The Velop’s Firmware

If the velop’s firmware is outdated then this can surely be a reason for the velop devices not connecting to closest node issue. So, check the current version and see the latest updates as well on the web management portal. If there is any availability then download that file on your networked PC. Save that somewhere safe and execute the firmware updating process. After doing that, reboot the velop once and try to connect the velop and node with each other.

Reset The Velop

The last and foolproof solution to getting the velop devices not connecting to closest node issue clear is to reset the velop. As if the wrong configured settings are creating the issue continuously, then discarding the settings is mandatory. Choose any method from two reset approaches and reset the velop.

Reset Through Web Portal

In this first process, access the web management portal of the velop and go to its wireless settings. Then, under the Administration tab, you will see the Factory Default option. Click on that option but make sure to collect the necessary information for the velop first. Thereafter, reconfigure the velop and the velop devices not connecting to closest node issue will be resolved now.

Press The Reset Button From Velop

Apart from that approach, you can opt to use the push button reset method to discard the settings. Press and hold the button for almost 8-10 seconds and keep looking at the LED panel. Once the light becomes solid after blinking for a few minutes, set up the velop again using the WiFi app or the web portal. But, make sure to consider the above-mentioned points while doing the Linksys velop setup process.

Thus, you will be able to resolve the velop devices not connecting to closest node issue. Also, there will be a strong connection between them once you utilize these solutions. If the error still persists, then get in touch with our Linksys Technical Experts for more help.