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Struggling with Linksys Atlas 6 setup? Or do you have any queries related to Atlas 6 login, setup, or factory reset processes? Find out the solution here.

Linksys Atlas 6 is a cutting-edge Mesh WiFi system that promises an awesome video streaming and gaming experience. It is a high-speed home connectivity solution that allows users to enjoy exceptional internet connectivity throughout their homes. It features state-of-the-art data networking technologies such as beamforming, MU-MIMO, and Smart Connect. These technologies work together to deliver fast, reliable, and consistent Wi-Fi performance. There are many other high-end features in this WiFi device that make it possible for users to carry out the Linksys Atlas 6 Setup, login, and factory reset without any hassle.

The network coverage capacity of the Atlas 6 is exceptional. Each node that comes with the Linksys Atlas 6 kit covers approximately 2000 sq. ft. of area. And while combined with other nodes, it has the capacity to broadcast signals to up to 6000 sq. ft. of areas, making it ideal for both homes and small offices.

Quick App-Based Steps to Perform the Setup

Setting up your Linksys Atlas 6 device is easy. Linksys provides a web-based & app-based setup option for configuring all different models that come under the Atlas 6 category. Here are the quick steps to follow to complete the setup using the Linksys App:

  • Plug in and power on the primary Linksys Atlas 6 node
  • Open the Linksys app and go to “Launch Setup”
  • Select “Whole Home Mesh WiFi” on the next screen
  • Choose Bluetooth or WiFi network to proceed with the Linksys Atlas 6 Setup
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the Linksys cloud account creation page
  • Create a cloud account and then log in to it
  • Set up a new username and password for your WiFi network
  • Add another node if you wish to add it
  • Wait for a few seconds for Linksys parent & child nodes to connect successfully
  • The setup is completed; enjoy seamless internet connectivity now

Linksys Atlas 6 Web-Based Setup

Linksys Atlas 6 WiFi users can also perform setup using a web browser. Although this is not a simple and straightforward process, you can perform it correctly without any hassles with the following steps.

  • Attach the Linksys Atlas 6 device to an active power source
  • Connect the Linksys Atlas 6 device to your modem by using an ethernet cable
  • Establish a connection between your computer to the Linksys Atlas 6 router
  • Power on both Linksys Atlas 6 and the router modem and ensure they are fully booted up
  • Open a web browser on a computer or laptop and then visit the Linksys Atlas 6 setup page
  • Use the “” IP or the setup web link of Linksys to enter the setup page
  • Complete the login process using “admin” as the username and password
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to customize your Linksys Atlas 6 SSID and password
  • Complete the setup process by following the on-screen guidance
  • Connect your devices with the Linksys router to start using the internet all over your home

Atlas 6 Setup Using an iOS Device

If you want to use an iOS device like iPhone, Mac. or iPad to execute the Linksys Atlas 6 setup process, you require to follow the below-outlined steps which are not much different from the android-based setup.

  • Connect a Linksys Atlas 6 Node to the Power Source
  • Power on the Device and then Wait for the Power LED to Turn Solid Purple
  • Open the Linksys App and then click “Set up a New Wi-Fi Network”
  • Go to “Whole Home Mesh WiFi”
  • Choose Bluetooth or WiFi Method to Perform Linksys Atlas 6 Setup
  • Follow all the Instructions You Recieve On Your Device’s Screen
  • Keep Moving Ahead in the Process by Clicking the “Next” Button
  • Complete the Account Creation Login Process
  • Let the Linksys Atlas 6 Node Connect to You Newly Created Account
  • Personalize the Node’s Settings
  • Your Linksys Atlas 6 Setup Has Been Completed Successfully

Resetting Linksys Atlas 6 Device to Default Settings

Linksys provides two different options for resetting your Linksys Atlas 6 device; manual reset and software reset. Both these options are easy to perform. You do not need to carry out so many steps to complete the reset process.

If you pick the manual reset option, you simply need to execute two steps. First, connect your Linksys Atlas 6 device to a working power socket and turn it on. And second, locate the “Reset” or “Factory Reset” button on the button or rear panel of the device and then press & hold it for 5 to 10 seconds until the Power LED starts blinking.

Your Linksys Atlas 6 device will automatically process the reset process and set the settings to default. Once the reset process is completed, you need to power cycle your Linksys router device. Before you start using the internet connection, you need to set up the device again.

If you go with the software reset option instead of resetting your Linksys Atlas 6, you need to follow a 5-step procedure which is as follows:

resetting your Linksys Atlas
  • Launch a browser on your computer system and then visit the Linksys Smart WiFi web portal
  • Locate the “Router Settings” and then click on the “Troubleshooting” option
  • On the next screen, take your cursor to the “diagnostic” tab
  • Locate the “Factory Reset” option and then click the “Reset to the Factory Settings” link
  • Click “Yes” on the next screen where you will be informed of the effects of resetting your device

Linksys Setup Issues and Their Foolproof Solutions

Experiencing different types of issues while executing Linksys setup process is very common. These issues usually frustrate and delay important tasks. It is crucial to fix them as early as possible.

Some of the most common obstacles that users experience while carrying out Linksys Atlas 6 setup are dropping wireless connectivity, long upload time, slow download speed, setting issues, router connectivity errors, and more. Here are the most effective troubleshooting tips to fix these problems.

  • Power Cycle the Linksys Device
  • Try Adjusting the Linksys Router’s Placement
  • Update the Firmware If It is Outdated
  • Check If Your Device is Connected to the Right SSID
  • See If You Are Using Not Using the Incorrect Credentials
  • Try Out Different Linksys Atlas 6 Setup Methods
  • Reset the Device to Factory Default Settings

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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