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Luckily, you will be able in configuring and using the Linksys velop conveniently after getting familiar with the entire process. But, there can be some cases that you face Linksys velop connected but no internet connection due to some technical glitches. There might be any reason behind the situation that can be identified or unidentified.

Clearly, this will force you to stop using the network efficiently if you are unable to get that fixed yourself. But, here are some relevant troubleshooting tips that you can try out to get things clear in less time. So, take every step appropriately and implement that in Velop’s network.

Check Internet Connection

Before anything else, verify whether your internet plan is active or not. As there can be uninterrupted internet signals from its back end which can lead you to get the Linksys velop connected but no internet issue.

Another possibility can be that your plan is expired or to be updated. So, contact your Internet service provider to get confirmation about this. Also, opt for a robust internet plan if you have excessive requirements for the internet.

linksys velop

Verify The Network Connectivity

In this case, examine the velop and nodes connectivity, whether these are well connected or not. A weak connection can be an issue that creates no internet condition. Because for the fastest internet, there must be an enough strong connection between them, and the ethernet wires and ports must be working perfectly. Verify this point once and the ethernet wires also, that you are using currently.

In another case, check the connection between the Linksys velop and your devices. Make sure your device is attached to your own network instead of someone else’s. Additionally, check the wired connections as well if your device is linked through this. Doing so will help you to resolve the Linksys velop connected but no internet for sure.

Power Cycle The Velop And Node

The technical error in velop for a short period of time can be a major factor for the Linksys velop connected but no internet condition. In this case, you will require to reboot both devices once after giving some rest to them. Just take out the velop and node from the power sockets and wait for some time. Later, plug them in again and try using the internet after connecting your device to it.

Place The Velop Ideally

Linksys velop connected but no internet issue

If the error still keeps occurring, then there can be weak signals yet definitely. This mostly happens when velop and nodes are placed too far or non-ideally. No doubt, the maximum distance between both can create interruptions in the signals transferring process. As a result, there will be poor connectivity and signals and no internet issues as well.

So, try relocating the velop and nodes and place them optimally. In fact, you can use the Spot Finder feature in the Linksys app to get the best placement suggestion for both devices. In addition, keep your house electrical appliances far from velop to avoid the network and signal interruptions further. Hence, you will be successful in removing the Linksys velop connected but no internet issue.

Device’s Compatibility

This can be the case, the Linksys velop is working optimally but there is a device compatibility issue. Equally important to the Velop’s working, your device must be in well working condition. So, check if your device’s web browser is working and make it the latest if that is outdated. Also, try clearing the browser’s cookies, caches, and temporary files as well.

Later, try examining the Linksys velop connected but no internet if that still persists or not. If that still keeps appearing then use another device to check the internet connection. Even use another web browser this time which must be compatible and don’t have bugs and technical glitches in it.

Make Network Less Congested

Although the Linksys velop is capable to provide strong signals to several devices at the same time, those devices can make the network slow. When this happens, it tends to slow internet speed or no connection issue. Undoubtedly, this can be a possible factor you are experiencing the Linksys velop connected but no internet error. So, check the number of networked devices and remove them if there are any extra or unauthorized ones. As a result, there will be less crowd on your velop network and the connection will come back for sure.

Examine The Hardware Working

If all of the above-mentioned points are alright, but the error is still coming, then your velop might be damaged. Or the power adapter to which your velop is connected is faulty or providing an interrupted power supply. The other possibility is that the power and ethernet ports are broken or not able to perform. Lastly, your existing modem might be old and not compatible with the Linksys velop. So, check all these points separately and carefully. In fact, replace the hardware that you find broken, but try choosing a new and original part this time.


Reconfigure The Velop

If none of the above-mentioned point work for your Velop network, then discard the older installed settings. As there might be a fault in the Velop’s credentials that you use in the configuration process earlier. To do this, choose the Velop’s reset function which will help you to delete the configured settings and the Linksys velop connected but no internet error.

Reset The Velop

For this process, locate the reset button on the velop, it might be located on its bottom panel. After finding that, press the button for almost 8-10 seconds. Use a paperclip if required and keep checking the LED color during the entire process. As you do this, the LED on the velop will start blinking and when this becomes stable, it means the process is complete. Lastly, do the Linksys velop setup again and the Linksys velop connected but no internet issue will be resolved now.

Therefore, you will be successful in getting the connections back once you apply these troubleshooting points. If it is not, then directly contact our Linksys technical experts for more help. They will quickly assist with relevant solutions for your Linksys velop connected but no internet issue.

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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