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Installing the Linksys router setup in place means receiving better internet signals where you want. Although you can install it in different easy processes, it might be tricky if you are a first-time user. However, you can execute this process by using these comfy setup steps. So, read and make use of these directions precisely.

Set up Your Linksys Router

As you unbox the router after getting it, you will see there is one piece of the router along with its antennas. Moreover, you will get a manual guide in the packed box. Just go through that guide once to get an overview of the product.

To make your router ready for configuration, join the antennas on both sides. Further, use a power cable and plug in your router to provide it electricity supply. By doing this, you can proceed with the next procedure.

Access The Linksys Router Login Page

Before starting the setup process, do the Linksys router login first. In order to do this, plug your router into an unoccupied power socket and then follow these points step by step.

  • After plugging in your router, verify its LED indication and it must indicate an optimal sign.
  • Later, use your device and connect it to the router’s network which will be shown as Linksysxxxxx.
  • Here, xxxxx is the last five numbers of your router’s serial number.
  • Whereas, if you are using a laptop or PC, you can connect it via an ethernet cable.
  • Insert the wire’s both ends into the router and laptop’s ethernet ports.
  • Once you complete the connection process, open a web browser on that connected device.
  • Next, in the browser’s search bar, type the router’s default web address.
  • Which is “https://myrouter.local”, and press the enter button.
  • Apart from that, you can type the router’s default IP address instead of the web address.
  • Where the router’s IP address is
  • After using the web or IP address in the search engine, you will see a login page. And that page will asks you to enter the password.
  • Use admin as the router’s password and select the Login option.
  • Hence, you will get successful in the Login procedure.

Linksys Router Setup By Web-Based Method

This is the preferred and convenient method to configure your router. All you need is a connected device and access to the web browser. Let’s begin the process.

  • As you complete the last step of the Linksys router login procedure, the web browser will bring you to the setup page.
  • On that page, tick the mark on agree, terms, and conditions option to move further.
  • Thereafter, start the Setup Process after filling in the requisite details in the mentioned field.
  • Thus, in this way, the setup process will be completed and then you can utilize the router.

Configuration By WPS Method

Besides that, WPS is a push-to-start method that you can use to configure your Linksys device. For this method, ensure that your router and internet provider device must have an active WPS button. Fix your router into a power outlet and softly press its WPS button with a needle.

On the other hand, push your internet provider device’s WiFi-protected setup button within the next two minutes. Leave both devices and let them make the connection. After a few minutes, the LED indicator will turn and change color by finishing the process.

Launch Smart App To Install Linksys Router

To follow this method, use any latest android mobile, apple device, or laptop. Use the Google Play Store for android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices. Then utilize the rest of the directions here.

  • To begin with, power on your router and its LED must show purple color.
  • Furthermore, search the Linksys app on your device app store.
  • Choose the right one and install it by giving it permission.
  • After installing this app, open it and mark on agreed points.
  • In the next step, you will see the Linksys router login field.
  • Use the login credentials there and do the login.
  • After this, follow the on-screen instructions and perform the process accordingly.

Thus, by using any method from the above-mentioned processes you will be able to configure your Linksys router setup.

Linksys Smart App Features

The WiFi app installation will enable you to get a number of inbuilt features. After configuring your router, you can check its working and speed by performing the speed test in that app. In case you face slow speed or a Linksys router not working error, you can take help from the app.

More than that, it will allow you to access the guest and parental control as well. So that you keep monitoring the router usage continuously. Lastly, if you want to make changes in advanced settings, you can do that easily from there. To save the changes, click on the Save option and use the Cancel option to discard them.

Solutions For Linksys Router Not Working Errors

Undoubtedly, it is common that you face this Linksys router not working frequently. However, you can eliminate it shortly by using these comfy ways. Just go through these tips for lateral use.

  • Initially, verify the router’s placement and it should be ideal and able to get a better internet signal. If not, then relocate it near the internet provider device. Here, the ideal location is in the middle of your connected device and the extender.
  • Examine your existing extender’s working and connection. The extender must be in working condition and provide a good internet range to your router. If it is not providing, then unplug your router and extender too. Plug in them again and do reconfiguration.
  • After trying these points, try the reset function of the router. Locate and push the router’s reset button for a few seconds. Wait for some time and let the router do its factory settings. Finally, configure the router again after resetting the router.
  • Keep in mind these points while reconfiguring your router. Place the router away from metal or electronic devices to avoid signal interruptions. Prefer to make a wired connection and a new ethernet wire for this method. Also, keep your device’s browser updated.

In any case, if your router shows a Linksys router not working, then apply these above-written troubleshooting ways to remove it.

Linksys Router LED Indications

The Linksys router contains some light options which show different notifications. Here is the brief information.

Color Purpose
Blinking Purple This means your router is becoming ready for setup.
Solid Purple Your router is now ready for configuration.
Blinking Blue Making the WPS connection.
Solid Blue The WPS connection is complete.
Red Light No connection or the router is disconnected.
Yellow LED Indicates that your router has a weak signal.

Verify these indications while configuring or using your router as this will tell you about the router’s working and connection.

Upgrade The Router Firmware Version

Keeping the router’s firmware updated is another solution and a necessary point. To get a flawless signal, update the router’s firmware version timely. Check your router’s current firmware version in the app and the latest version on the web-based setup page.

If there is any available, then download it according to your router model. After that, go to the Firmware option and click on it. Upload that file there and tap on the Upgrade Firmware option. After waiting for a couple of minutes, the router will update the version. In the end, check the improvement in the router working and internet speed.

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use any method from the WPS, web-based, manual, and smart app processes. For the first method, press the router’s and existing internet device’s WPS buttons. Visit the router’s web-based setup page for the second one. Use an ethernet wire for manual and install the Linksys app for the last method.
Investigate the router connection and location too. Also, verify the wired connections if there are any. See the light color and identify the reason behind the error. Take steps after identifying the causes. In addition, reset the router if required and install it again.
The Linksys router with its login password and model number. A mobile or laptop and access to its web browser. The existing internet connection must be active. A new ethernet cable with no sign of tear and wear. Additionally, a working well and vacant power outlet.
The Linksys router default web address is https://myrouter.local. Whereas the default IP address is Asides from that, the default password of the Linksys router is admin.
You can check it by streaming online music, videos, and games on your connected device. Transfer your data or large files to your drive. Connect your other devices such as TV, CCTVs, and laptop to the router and check their working by using the internet.