Linksys AC1200 Configuration Guide: An Easy Walkthrough

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Are you tired of low internet connectivity, dropped signals, lags, and buffering? Don’t worry Linksys is here with its mega-blockbuster AC1200 extender. Setting up Linksys AC1200 is a breeze. You just need to follow the below-mentioned easy steps with utmost precision because one simple mistake will lead to further difficulty.

linksys ac1200 setup

So let’s get started with the Linksys AC1200 Setup:

  • First thing first, find the perfect spot for the placement of the extender. For this you can also make use of the spot finder technology as it will help in much better positioning of the extender.
  • It’s time to plug in the extender to give it a power boost. So just find an electrical outlet, connect the extender, and let it soak in the energy.
  • Once it’s all powered up, connect your device to the Linksys Extender network. This step is very crucial because it is a golden ticket to Wi-Fi paradise.
  • Now open up a web browser of your choice and type the default web address “” for further setup. You can consider it your secret code to enter the Wi-Fi wonderland. Are you excited as we are about to reach our destination?
  • Guess what? You’re in, just follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy your Wi-Fi boost. Wasn’t it all so easy?

Difference After Successful Installation Of Linksys AC1200

  • The most noticeable change will be the extension of your Wi-Fi coverage. Whether you are on your terrace, garden, basement, or in any corner of your home you’ll have a strong and reliable connection throughout. Basically, it’s like turning the dimly lit corners into well-lit spaces.
  • Get ready to experience lightning-fast internet speeds, reduced lags, and buffering. It is like upgrading from a two-lane street to a four-lane street on the internet highway.
  • With Linksys AC1200 setup you’ll enjoy a more stable connection. Now you can do many activities on the same device like downloading various files, streaming 4k movies, and much more without facing dropouts.
  • With the extended coverage, you can now comfortably use multiple devices simultaneously without compromising on the speed.
  • With the help of Linksys AC1200, you can also create a guest network so that when guests come over you don’t need to give access to your private network which adds a layer of more security.
  • Setting up the extender is designed to be user-friendly thus making the process quick and easy. This means less time spent on technicalities and more time enjoying your extended Wi-Fi network.

Concluding Remarks

Thus, setting up the Linksys AC1200 extender not only extends your network and kills dead zones but also provides you with ample features that enhance user experience.

If you still face any difficulty during the Linksys AC1200 set-up you can always check the user manual for detailed information or you can also visit the Linksys support website i.e. Feel free to contact us, our team will provide you with the best of services in the minimum required period. We are here for you- just give us a shout.

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