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Linksys Extender is one of the popular networking devices that helps to extend the Wi-Fi signal to dead zones or areas with weak signals. However, many users often encounter issues with their devices, such as Linksys wifi extender blinking orange light on the device. This issue indicates that the extender is not functioning optimally and requires troubleshooting to resolve the problem. In this blog, we will discuss some of the steps to fix the orange light issue on the Linksys Extender.

Step 1: Check the Power Source

Orange Light Issue

The first and most crucial step is to check the power source of the Linksys Extender. Ensure that the extender is correctly plugged into a power source and the power outlet is working correctly. If the power outlet is not working, try plugging the extender into another power outlet. If the extender still shows an orange light, move to the next step.

Step 2: Reset the Linksys Extender

The next step is to reset the Linksys Extender to its default factory settings. To reset the extender, use these directions.

  • Locate and press and reset button on the extender for 10 seconds.
  • Hold that button till the extender’s LED starts blinking and processing.
  • Once the extender is reset, wait for a few minutes for the device to reboot.
  • After the reboot, check the status light of the extender and it must become its optimal color.
  • Lastly, connect your device to the network after resetting it to check to work.

Step 3: Check the Network Connection

The orange light issue on the Linksys Extender may also be due to a weak network connection. Ensure that the extender is connected to the router with a stable network connection. If the network connection is weak, try moving the extender closer to the router or placing it in the center of the house. Also, check if there are any objects or obstacles that may be absorbing the network signals which can be any electrical appliance. So, keep the extender away from those items to make the connection uninterrupted.

Step 4: Update the Firmware

If the Linksys Extender is running on outdated firmware, it may cause issues such as the orange light issue. As the extender requires operating on the latest software version. To update the firmware, log in to the extender’s web interface and check for any available updates. Follow the instructions provided on the screen to update the firmware. Once the firmware update is complete, wait for a few minutes for the device to reboot. After the reboot, check the status light of the extender. Clearly, you will be successful in resolving the orange light issue on the extender. If you are not then move on to the next step.

Step 5: Some Other Solutions

If none of the above steps work, then there might be any errors from the technical end that can be inevitable. In that case, contact your Internet Service Provider to get the extender’s LED in its ideal state. More than that, check your current internet plan whether it is active or expired. Update the internet plan if required as sometimes the excess requirement of the internet makes the network crowded and it starts showing orange light.

Thus, the above-mentioned steps will surely work for your Linksys wifi extender blinking orange light issue. If these are not sufficient then it is advisable to contact technical support for further assistance. Our Linksys support team can provide a more in-depth analysis of the issue and guide you through the troubleshooting process according to your device model. So, get in touch with experts by calling or emailing them.

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