Guide To Fix Linksys Yellow Light Issue

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Though Linksys devices come with distinct LEDs that notify the connection and working process in different light colors. For instance, the solid green light indicates that the device is working and connected well. Whereas, the linksys router blinking yellow light means there is no connectivity. But, before the yellow light LED, there can be several reasons so, use these solutions appropriately to get that fixed.

Reasons Behind Yellow LED

It might be difficult for you to identify the causes of Linksys yellow light, but here are some common reasons that can create this situation.

  • There might be a weak or no connection between the router and the extender.
  • Or the ethernet wires are broken or damaged if there are any wired connections.
  • The router might not be in the range of the extender and not able to extend the signals.
  • The power outlets are not working well or not providing the proper electricity supply.

Along with those factors, there might be a probability that there are any errors from the technical end. More than that, the router may have some issues in its internal working. But, apply these solutions to the router to get things done.

Restart The Linksys Router

If there is an issue from the technical end, then it can be resolved only by resetting the router. Here, the good news is that you can easily resolve that issue by yourself.
For doing this, disconnect the networked device from the router and remove the router from the power socket. Meanwhile, check whether the router is overheating or not. If it is, then leave it unplugged for some time.

As the continuous usage of the router sometimes creates overheating in the device. After waiting for some time, plug it in again and check the LED sign after connecting your devices to it.

Change Placement And Power Source

While plugging in the router this time, try to use another power socket which must be working ideally. Also, try to relocate the router to another location as sometimes thicker walls and corners of the house make barriers to the router’s working. As a result, the router starts keeps disconnecting and showing yellow light indications. After trying this method, you will be successful in fixing the Linksys yellow light error.

Remove Signals Obstructions

After applying those two tips, if there is still Linksys yellow light, then try this method. You maybe ignore this case, but undoubtedly, some larger, home electrical appliances and metallic things can make the router’s performance and connections weak.

These devices are such as Bluetooth gadgets, microwave ovens, and some gaming consoles. These gadgets emit radio waves and absorb the router’s signals as well. So, to avoid this situation, keep all these things away from the router.

Reconfigure The Router

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for your Linksys yellow light issue, then discard the previously configured settings. After this process, the issues will surely remove for always. To do this, choose the router’s reset button from its panel. Push the reset button for at least 5 to 7 seconds and keep checking the reset LED on its panel.

When the reset process has been completed, wait till it does boot-up. When the router’s light start showing a solid and constant LED color, configure the router again and make a connection between the router and the device.

Hence, here is the Guide to fix Linksys wifi router blinking yellow light issue on the Linksys router, which will turn the light color for sure. If you still face that light on the router’s panel, then get in touch with our experts. They will quickly help you to do that.

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