Can A Linksys Router Be Used As A Range Extender?

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Can a Linksys Router Be Used as a Range Extender: Have you ever found yourself in a corner of your house, desperately trying to catch that last bar of WiFi? We’ve all been there and we understand very well how frustrating that could be. Looking for a solution? Alright, a Linksys Range Extender could be a solution. You can use it to improve your internet experience incredibly. But what if you don’t have enough budget to invest in a new Wireless WiFi Range Extender? Can a Linksys Router be Used as a Range Extender? We will give you deep insights into this topic.

Linksys Router

Let’s dive in and find out!

What’s a Wireless WiFi Range Extender?

First off, let’s clarify what we’re talking about. A wireless WiFi range extender from any brand like Linksys is a device that boosts your current WiFi signal. This device rebroadcasts your WiFi network waves to parts of your home where the signal might be weak or nonexistent. Think of this device as a middleman between your existing device (modem or router) and the far-off corners of your pretty home. You may find this device in different models and specifications. But, what best fits you depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Also, the compatibility of your existing WiFi router or modem matters.

You might have a clear understanding of what is a wireless WiFi range extender with the passage above. Now, the question is: Can a Linksys Router Be Used as a Range Extender? Let’s find it out below

The Linksys Router Scenario: Can a Linksys Router Be Used as a Range Extender

Linksys is a reputable and popular wireless data networking brand in the United States of America. It has been the go-to pick for thousands of users over the years for their household and commercial needs for the internet.

Today, many users have an old Linksys router collecting dust at the top of it. So, the big question is – can this router double up as a Range Extender or can a Linksys router be used as a Range Extender? Let’s find out!

Finding Out The Answer

Yes, a Linksys Router can act as a Range Extender! Many Linksys routers have the capability to work as range extenders. However, not all have the same abilities. Here’s a simple guide to making this happen:

Ready the Router

To use the Linksys Router in a Range Extender mode, first, reset the router. If you have a question about resetting the device, we would like to explain to you that it is a crucial procedure to remove all the router settings of the device. Without deletion of the router setting, Linksys router cannot act like a range extender. To reset the device, simply hold the reset button on the Linksys router for about 5 to 10 seconds. Once the power LED starts flickering, release the button. This ensures a clean slate. Once the reset process completes, connect the router to a computer using an Ethernet cable for the Linksys WiFi Extender Setup process.

Access the Router Settings

The Next move is to access the Linksys Router Settings so that you can make the necessary modifications. For this, open a web browser on your internet-enabled device like a computer and then type in “” on the search bar. You can also use the official web link of the Linksys Router Configuration portal. Log in to your Linksys Account next using either the existing credentials or the default ones.

Switch to “Repeater” Mode

Now, the most important part of this process comes. Go to the settings and look for an option like “Operation Mode” or “Internet Settings”. Once you find the option that seems quite like this, click on that and then simply switch to the “Repeater” or “Range Extender” mode from “Router” mode.

Connect to the Main Router

Once you have switched to the “Repeater Mode,” you’ll then need to input the WiFi details of your main router. Simply, enter the SSID of your Linksys WiFi network, select the security type, and provide the password.

Positioning is Key

Positioning is not a technical part of this process but plays a crucial role in your WiFi network performance. Place your now-transformed Linksys range extender halfway between your main router and the area you want to cover. Apart from this, make sure to avoid obstacles like thick walls or large metal objects as these are the major reasons for network interruptions.

Enjoy Extended Coverage

Once set up, devices in those previously weak signal areas should now get a robust connection. You can enjoy an uninterrupted and high-performance internet on your device.

A Few Considerations

  • Model Matters: As we already mentioned earlier in this post, not every Linksys router can be set into a range extender mode. Make sure to check if your specific model is compatible with this.
  • A Wired Connection: For a successful and even stronger signal, consider connecting the Linksys router and main router using an Ethernet cable. This mode is called a wired bridge.

Closing Remarks

In the last, we would like to give a piece of advice to you. Before you think of getting a brand-new range extender into your home, peek into that old gadget. Your trusty Linksys router could be the solution to your WiFi woes! With some tweaks in the settings and setting it up into repeater mode, you can breathe new life into it and ensure that every corner of your home enjoys a strong internet connection.

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