Linksys Router IP Not Working? Here’s What to Do

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Linksys Router IP Not Working– There are two ways you can access the Linksys web login and configuration portal. The first one is using the official web address of the Linksys web login portal which is http// The second one is using the Linksys Router IP address. The Linksys router IP address is You can type this IP address the same as it is in the search bar of a search engine or as In some cases, you may find your Linksys Router IP not working. In that case, you can consider the solutions provided in this comprehensive article.

linksys router ip not working

Let’s find out what are the possible reasons Linksys Router IP not working when you enter it in the search bar. We will also find out the possible solutions for the same.

What Causes Linksys Router IP Not Working Issue?

There could be multiple reasons why Linksys Router IP not working when you use it to access the Linksys web login portal. The following are a few:

  • Incorrect IP Address
  • Improper IP Address Format
  • A Typing Error
  • Incompatible Web Browser
  • Issue With Network Connectivity
  • Site Blocking From Your System Firewall Security
  • An Issue With the Web Browser You Are Using
  • IP Address Conflicts
  • Firmware Issue
  • Malware in the System

Finding Out the Solutions

Resolving the Linksys Router IP not working issue should not be rocket science for you. But, if you are unsure what you need to do next to get rid of this issue, the following are the effective and excellent options for you. Have a deep look below:

Make Required Corrections If You Are Using An Incorrect Linksys Router IP Address

This should be your first and foremost step towards troubleshooting the Linksys Router IP not working error. Check the IP address you have put in the search bar. If the IP address you put in the URL bar doesn’t match the IP address, make the required corrections.

Also, check the format of the IP address. Any missing dot or digit can lead to Linksys Router IP not working error. Apart from this, you can try using the IP address in a proper URL form such as This may work and you may be able to access the Linksys Router login and setup portal.

Update the Browser

Sometimes, site accessibility issues take place due to incompatible web browsers. In your case, this could be a possible reason. Check to see if your system has an updated web browser. Generally, your system automatically runs the update for web browsers but if you made the changes to the update settings, possibly, your browser didn’t run any update for a long time. Check for the same and run an update if required. This may help you get rid of the issue you are facing.

Excessive Cache Files & Cookies

The browser you are using to access the Linksys web login and setup portal may fetch the older version of the Linksys web login portal. This happens because the details of the portal are already cached in your system’s web. To avoid this issue, go to the “History” section of your web browser and then delete all cache files and cookies. Once done, try using the Linksys IP address to access the http// web login portal again. You might not face the Linksys Router IP Not Working error now.

Ensure You Have a Stable and Consistent Internet Connection

If you don’t have a fast, reliable, and stable internet connection, you may come across the Linksys IP Address-related issue. We recommend you check your modem as well as router to check if there is any problem with the networking or connectivity. Speak with the ISP to resolve the internet problem. The Linksys Router IP not working error will get resolved itself.

Disable Firewall Security Settings On Your Browser

As you may already know, firewall security software in a system blocks any website that it suspects to pass malware. It might be possible it blocks the Linksys Web Login portal. Thus, disable this software for some time until you stop browsing the Linksys Web login portal. By following this trick, you can certainly get rid of the Linksys IP address issues that you may be facing.

Closing Remarks

Linksys Router IP not working is not a problem to stress out. It is a minor issue that you can resolve yourself by following the techniques we have explained above. And in case, these techniques do not work in your case, it will be a wise move for you to speak to Linksys Customer Service experts. They will surely assist you with this and resolve the problem.

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