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To make some changes to the Linksys network, you have to visit the network’s advanced settings. But, what if you face a Can’t connect with settings error, that can be a menace for you for sure. However, you can try out these solving tips to access the settings page without any obstructions. Utilize and apply these to the network in an appropriate way.

Examine The Error

cannot connect with setting
Obviously, there could be any reason that’s why you are getting that error continuously. It could be a problem with your home network, router, and connected device. So, check all those devices and networks separately to identify the reason and to apply a suitable solution to remove that.

Check The Network Connection

For the above-mentioned process, check the network connection first. Make sure that the device you are using is well-connected to the network and getting enough signals. As to accessing Linksys’ web-based settings portal, it is necessary to have a strong connection between them. If these are not connected, then do the connecting process again. In fact, try using and making a wired connection instead of the wireless one.

Connect Another Device

After connecting your device to the Linksys network, if the issue still persists, then use your other device. Maybe there is an error in the device’s working or the web browser of that device is outdated. So, use another device to make a connection and visit the web-based settings page now on the web browser.

Use Default Web Or IP Address

While accessing the Linksys web-based page, make sure to use the extender’s default web and IP address. You can use as the web address and as the IP.

Insert these details perfectly in the browser’s search field. Enter the spacing and characters accurately while doing this. On the contrary, you can use the IP address in case you face any error while using the web address.

Insert Accurate Login Details

While trying to access the Linksys settings window, ensure to use the extender’s default sign-in credentials. If you are unaware of this, then check the device’s manual guide to get that. Also, see the extender’s bottom panel to take these details. Alternatively, you can find it by searching on the web browser. In any case, you changed the login details earlier, then insert the modified information in the prompted field.

Install Linksys App

Tried the above-mentioned tips but still getting the Can’t connect with settings error. Then, definitely, there is an issue with the web browser’s setup page. In this case, don’t waste your precious time on that approach, instead use the app.

  • Take any device which must be connected to the extender’s network.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and install the Linksys app from there.
  • Later, open the app and insert the login credentials in the field.
  • After inserting the login details, click on the Sign-In option.
  • From the next page, you can access the Linksys settings window.
  • Hence, the can’t connect with settings issue is resolved now.

Reset The Linksys Device

If none of the above-written tips work for your problem, then choose this last method. In this process, use the extender’s reset button to discard the error and the previously configured settings as well. Press that button from the extender and execute the reset process. Afterward, reconfigure and reconnect it and access the settings window lastly.

For more help, contact our Linksys Technicians, if these tips will not work for you. To get solutions over a call, contact them by dialing +1-408-477-8750 or choosing the mail option.

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