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If you own a Linksys extender but having trouble logging in to set up the device, then don’t worry as you are not alone. Although this issue can be resolved easily, after analyzing the cause behind this. However, there are several reasons why you might not be able to log in but apply these solutions to fix that in less time.

IP Or Web Address Conflicts

There might be a probability that you are using the wrong web or IP address while accessing the login window. That can prevent you from visiting the login page. To get to know that you are using the perfect details, check the manual guide once to verify the web and IP address.

Make sure to use the spacing and other special characters rightly in the prompted field. In any case, if you face any difficulty while you use the web address then try inserting the IP address in the browser’s search bar.

Incorrect Login Credentials

After accessing the extender’s login window, it is necessary to enter the username and password appropriately. Also for this case, take and note down the login details from the setup manual before starting the login process. Besides that, you will need to use the updated sign-in details if you change that earlier. After doing this, can’t login to extender issue will fix in this way.

Forgot The Password?

Don’t worry if you forgot the login password that you changed earlier, as here is the solution for this. For this process, simply choose the extender’s reset function and use the button from the extender’s panel.

  • Disconnect the networked devices and let the extender be plugged in.
  • Start the extender’s reset process and let it complete the process.
  • Soon the configured settings and login details will be discarded.
  • Now, you can use the default login password and can set a new one.
  • Once this is finished, use a web browser or app to configure the extender.

Clear Cookies And Caches

Sometimes, the issue might not be with the extender itself, but with the browser that you are using currently. So, to fix that, clear the browser’s cookies and caches from the settings.

Go to the settings and then privacy and security and click on the Delete Caches And Cookies option. Clearly, this will remove the temporary files and malware data from the device. As a result, the web browser will start working well and allow you to log in to the extender.

Apart from that, you can use another device or another web browser to do this. Additionally, ensure that the device is connected well to the network, whether there is a wireless connection or a wired one. The web browser of that device must be updated also.

Install Linksys WiFi App

After applying the above solutions to the extender’s network, if the issue still persists. Then use the Linksys app instead of the web browser to perform the login process.

  • Use the network-connected device and go to the Google Play Store.
  • Install the Linksys smart WiFi app after choosing the official one.
  • After that, open the app and insert the login credentials in the field.
  • Once you fill in the details rightly, click on the Sign-In option.

Thus, the can’t login to extender issue will be fixed once you apply any one or all of the above-written solutions. If you still encounter the problem, then take more tips from our Linksys Support Technician. You can contact them via call at +1 716-992-6370 or mail

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