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Sometimes, you may suddenly face the “Linksys Extender Connected But No Internet” error while using your WiFi network. There could be any type of reason behind this issue, that can any technical error or modem error. Even you might not be able to identify and resolve that by yourself. However, use and apply these solutions to get better connectivity in less time.

Verify The Reasons

Prior to applying the resolving points to that error, try to find the cause that creates the “No Internet” condition. So that, you can implement the appropriate solutions to get the errors fixed.

No Internet

  • Initially, check the internet provider device’s LEDs indications to see the connection.
  • Verify the connection between the extender, router, and networked device.
  • Your device might be connected to someone else’s wireless network.
  • There may be any broken or damaged wires if there are any wired connections.
  • Your host modem is currently working on an outdated firmware version.
  • Also, the web browser of the networked device is not up-to-date.

Apply These Solutions

After verifying the above-mentioned points, if the issue still persists, then implement these solving points.

Tech Errors Or Internet Plan Is Expired

In this case, your host modem may be getting an error from the technical end which is why your device is not getting any internet. For this reason, contact your ISP and verify the condition. Additionally, verify the current internet plan and whether this is active or not. Besides that, update the internet plan if there is any need to do that.

Disconnect The Extra Networked Device

This can be a bigger reason that makes the network more crowded and sluggish as well. As a result, the host modem is not able to provide the optimized signals and the internet is not working. So, disconnect the additional devices from the network that are not in use currently. Clearly, your devices will be successful in getting better signals and connectivity.

Wrong Placement Of The Modem

The range-extending device might be too far or too close to the host modem, that’s why it is not getting strong signals. So, relocate the internet provider device to a different and ideal location. In addition, keep the device away from the network that absorbs its signals and cause interference. Now, attach the device again and check the internet connection’s working.

Make A Wired Connection

Examine the wireless connection and devices and whether these are connected to the official wireless network or not. If these are connected but not able to use the internet, then prefer to make the wired connections between the devices and modem. Use the new ethernet wires to connect them and get a stable internet connection easily. Thus, the “No Internet” issue will be fixed in this way.

Power Cycle The Modem

Last but not least, reboot the WiFi modem and connect your devices to it again. To do this, unplug the host modem from the power outlet and leave it for some time. Later, fix the modem into another power socket and check the light sign as well.

Furthermore, make a connection between your device and the internet provider device wirelessly or wired. Choose the accurate network from the wireless network list and use an ethernet wire for a wired one. Lastly, check the modem LED as the solid color will indicate that the device is getting an internet connection.

How can we help?

After implementing the troubleshooting tips, if your devices are still getting the “Connected But No Internet” error, then you will need to take help from our experts. Get in touch with them by dialing +1 716-992-6370 or mailing

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