Fix AC1200 Range Extender Issues

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Got errors all of a sudden while using the AC1200 range extender? Also, not able to identify and solve them? There is nothing to worry about as our solving tips will surely work for your extender’s issues. Utilize and implement the solutions in the right way. Let’s begin the procedure stepwise.

Verify AC1200 LED Indications

AC1200 Range Extender

Initially, recognize the reason behind the errors by looking over its lights signs. Verify the WPS light and whether the range extender is connected through the WPS or not. Also, the power light will notify you about the electricity supply so check if there is a proper or interrupted electricity supply. Moreover, examine the WiFi light on the extender’s panel to get to know the connection strength. All these lights must be showing optimal signs and there should be no red light sign on its panel.

Power Cycle The Extender

The continuous usage of the AC1200 range extender can create an overheating issue for it. That can clearly cause and make the extender’s performance sluggish. So, remove the extender from the power socket and leave it in an unplugged condition for some time. Meanwhile, disconnect the networked devices and later, plug in the extender and connect your device again.

Make Some Changes In Settings

While connecting the extender this time, do some modifications in its settings. To do this, log in to the extender’s web-based portal. Then, go to the wireless settings on the next screen page and choose the Channel option. From there, change the channels of the extender.

Moreover, place the extender in a different location and use another browser on your device. Set a new and strong password for the network as sometimes some external or unwanted users make the extender’s performance weak. So, make your network safer by setting another password.

Still Extender’s Performing Slow?

After applying those tips, if your devices are getting slow-speed internet, then use these additional tips.

Update Extender Software

Check the extender’s firmware version if that is running on the latest version or not. As it requires working on the updated version to provide its optimized performance. So, keep the firmware file version up-to-date every time.

  • For this process, go to the web-based portal after logging in to the extender.
  • Download the latest software file from there and save it on the PC.
  • Again visit the same page and perform the firmware updating process.
  • Make use of the screen’s directions to complete this approach appropriately.

Reset The Extender

In addition to that approach, follow the extender’s reset process to fix AC1200 range extender issues. Use a paperclip if there is any requirement.

  • To begin with, make the extender connection-free by removing the networked connection.
  • Whereas let the extender be plugged into the power socket to perform the process hassle-free.
  • Now, allow the extender to perform the procedure and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Later, configure the device again by using the web browser or the Linksys smart app.
  • Use the extender’s IP address in case you get errors while inserting the web address.
  • Also, use an ethernet wire to make a wired connection if there is any difficulty in the wireless network.

Hence, your “how to fix linksys AC1200 range extender issues” will be resolved now. Also, there will be no errors like red lights and sluggish performance will remain in the end. If there are any left, then take the solutions from our professionals and apply them to the extender network. Get solutions over a call at +1 716-992-6370 or send queries to

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