How to Reset Linksys Router Password?

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Linksys wireless WiFi router is a highly-rated wireless data networking system, operating on dual bands including 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Wireless network users can use it for various purposes like operating gaming consoles, watching movies online, and conducting online video conferences. They can install it anywhere including their homes, office, or even outdoors. There are many more things about this WiFi gadget and you can learn about those things by going through the manual. Here, we will focus on Linksys Router Password Reset. If you don’t know how to reset Linksys Router password, this blog post will prove informative and helpful for you. So, walk until the conclusion part of this post to learn about the Linksys Password Reset.

Reset Linksys Router Password

Linksys Router Password- What’s the Use

There should be no brainer about the use of a Linksys WiFi router password. Like any other security password, a Linksys router password is a combination of alphabets, digits, and special characters. It allows you to access your Linksys router login portal where you can perform a variety of essential procedures. Apart from this, a Linksys router password increases your WiFi network security. Without this, nobody can access your WiFi network and tamper with it.

Generally, you receive a default password from Linksys. You can use that to access your WiFi network. You can find the default password most probably on the top or bottom panels of your device. But, if you do not find them on your device, consider checking out the Linksys router manual. We will recommend you not use the default Linksys WiFi password but create a strong one. This will foolproof the security of your WiFi network. And while creating a new password, make sure you are considering the password-making instructions given by Linksys.

What to Do If You Forgot the Linksys Router Password

Did you forget your Linksys router password? That’s unfortunate! But, there is no need to worry. If you know your user ID, you can reset your Linksys router password. In case you don’t even know your Linksys router user ID, you can still reset your Linksys router password or create a new one. So, you should go with this option straight away. But if you don’t know how to reset Linksys router password, the following section will assist you with this.

How to Reset Linksys Router Password If You Forgot?

If you forgot your Linksys router password, you won’t be able to retrieve it. You can only retrieve it if you have noted it down somewhere in your diary or notebook. You will have to process a mandatory Linksys router reset process to proceed ahead to the password reset process. Here are the steps to follow on how to reset Linksys router password if you forgot the previous ones:

  • First, reset your Linksys router device to factory default. This will erase all the previous settings and also remove your previous login credentials. If you don’t know the factory reset process, you can check out your Linksys router manual.
  • Second, once you reset the device, you can move ahead to the login process. Access the Linksys router login portal and then complete the login by using the default username and security key.
  • Once you complete the Linksys router login, reconfigure your device. During the reconfiguration process, you will get an option to create a new and strong user ID and password for your Linksys router device. Use that option to create new credentials.
  • After this step, your new Linksys credentials are ready. You can now use these credentials in the future to log into your Linksys router account.

How to Reset Linksys Router Password If You Remember the Previous Credentials

If you remember your Linksys Router login ID and security key, but you want to learn how to reset Linksys router password or create new ones to increase the security of your network, you can do that readily. The process is quite simple.

  • First, log in to your Linksys account using your current credentials. You need to follow the standard login process, whether you are using a web-based or app-based method.
  • Second, on the admin panel, locate the Password Reset or Password Change option. Here, you can take help from our Linksys customer service team in case you find it difficult to find the option.
  • Next, create a new user ID and password that you prefer and make sure they are harder to guess for any person. But, at the same time, you need to ensure that they are easy to remember for you.
  • Once you create a new user ID and password, save the settings. That’s all! You have successfully reset your Linksys router password.

Now that you know how to reset Linksys router password, you should not face any password reset-related issues again. In case you face this type of issue, you can contact our Linksys customer service experts. They will assist you with this.

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