How To Use Linksys Extender Security Features?

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Although the Linksys extender comes with robust technical features to cover the WiFi dead spots at every bigger place. However, you must use and configure its security features for network safety while enjoying it. Don’t worry, if you need help with that, in this blog we’ll discuss “How to use Linksys extender security features?”. Just relax and utilize the points to safeguard your network along with getting enhanced performance.

Linksys Extender Security Features

Understanding Linksys Extender Security Features

Before you start configuring the security features, let’s have a thorough look at them. So that you can utilize them in the right manner. Linksys extender is equipped with several security options that you can use through the web interface or WiFi app. Those features are:

Wireless Encryption

Most of the Linksys extenders support the latest and most powerful security encryption such as WPA2, WPA3, and WEP. These protocols encrypt the data transmission to your network making it hard to access for unauthorized users. As a result, there will be a layer of protection for your network and its data.

WiFi Network Password

An option for a Network password allows you to set a strong password for the network replacing the default one. As the default password is easy to access there can be some unauthorized access and hackers to the network. Be worry-free, we will cover how to create a robust password for the network further.

Guest Network

There will be an option for the Guest Network on the management window. Using this option you can create a separate network different from your own network. So that you can share that network with visitors or external users instead of giving them access to your own.

Parental Controls

Parental Control is another useful option along with the Guest Network. This option will enable you to restrict and ban the sites that are malicious or dangerous to your Network. In addition to that, you can ban some abusive sites that you don’t want to let your child use.

MAC Address Filtering

You can manage which devices can connect to your network by using the MAC address filtering option. Clearly, your selected devices will only have access to your network as a result, there will be no external users. Apart from that, firewalls on the extender allow you to restrict the traffic that wants to enter your network.

Firmware Updates

Linksys often offers firmware updates for its all devices on the manufacturer’s site that relate to their operating system versions. These updates work to fix the security bugs along with improving the device performance to a great extent. Moreover, this updating process helps to remove the other issues including working, connectivity, and many more.

Configure The Security Features

Now, when you are aware of those options let’s move to “how to use Linksys extender security features?”. Dive into the practical steps and manage the features to get the extender’s best safety while keeping connected to it.

Access The Settings Window

Start by accessing the advanced settings window through the web interface using the http// web address. Search for this address on a web browser and visit the login page of your extender. Afterward, enter the default login details in the prompted fields if you have not changed them earlier. Further, click on the wireless settings option and a number of options will be visible on the screen.

Encryption & Network Password

Foremost of all, enable the security encryption of either WPA2 or WPA3 from the list and click Save. Later, set a new and strong password for the network by choosing the Security Settings option. Ensure to add some special, numeric, and upper-lower case to the password to make it hard to guess. It is advisable to keep and note the updated password somewhere safe for further use.

Firewalls And Firmware Update

Check the window if there is any firewall settings option and activate and configure the firewalls as you prefer. The firewall feature may include the options of Port Forwarding and Site Blocking. Thereafter, check for the latest firmware update and carry out the upgrading process from the same Linksys wifi extender setup portal. Alternatively, you can enable the Auto-update option on the Linksys WiFi app for the same purpose.

Some Other Useful Options

Last but important, create a guest network and give access to external users if there is any need. More than that, control and restrict the sites that are harmful to your network and data. It is also recommended to monitor the network from the web interface or WiFi app on a periodic basis.

To Conclude

We expect that this “How to use Linksys extender security features” guide will be useful for you. Also, you will be able to get the maximized performance of your extender with improved security. However, in case you need more guidance with your Linksys extender, get in touch with my team of tech experts.

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