The Complete Guide To Setting Up Linksys Velop: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

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Did you get a new Linksys Velop and are unaware of its setup? There is no need to worry, as several setups include different and easiest setup steps. All you will need to do is get familiar with those steps and follow them carefully. So, in this post, we will help you to become aware of them so that you can execute the setup simply. Check this “the complete guide to setting up Linksys Velop: a step-by-step tutorial”.

Linksys Velop setup

What Is The Linksys Velop?

Before you start the Linksys Velop setup, understand how it is gaining popularity in WiFi home networking. This mesh setup containing multiple nodes is capable of providing the highest internet speed while covering WiFi dead spots. Unlike the traditional routers, this setup makes a combined WiFi network rather than many. The nodes in the setup attach and communicate with each other to provide the internet signals to the farthest places. Now, let’s begin the setup process.

What You Will Need For Setup

There will be a few things required by your Linksys Velop installation to complete successfully. So, make sure you are equipped with those items before you start the process. Here are those:

  • The Linksys Velop parent and child nodes
  • Default login and other credentials of Velop
  • Your existing modem with an active internet connection
  • Any device such as a smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Lastly, ethernet and power cables for connections

Different Methods Of Velop Setup

There are two different setup approaches of Velop setup that involve accessing the portal through different methods. If in any case, you fail in the first setup, fear not, try another one.

Setup Through Web Interface

The first setup requires using the web browser and accessing the portal for the setup. Here, we recommend you use a compatible web browser for a hassle-free setup. Also, make sure the Velop parent node is connected strongly to the existing modem. Here are the setup points:

  • First, connect the master node to the power outlet using a power cable
  • Additionally, connect the node and the existing modem together using an ethernet cable
  • Then, attach your device to the parent node using another ethernet cable
  • Launch a web browser on the device and search for the web/IP address.
  • Either search for LinksysSmartWiFi or to access the portal
  • Use the above-mentioned address to access the Velop setup window rather than the Linksys extender setup portal
  • Click on the mobile image from the next on-screen page of the window
  • Now, enter admin as the Velop router password and click Sign-In
  • Change the default admin password if prompted by the portal
  • Click Connectivity under the CA link and then the CA router setup.
  • Create a WiFi SSID name and password and then click Setup Node
  • Soon, the light on the Velop router will blink and then turn solid blue
  • Finally, connect your devices to the network that starts appearing in the list

Once you set up the parent node, you can start using and enjoying the network by connecting devices to it. Furthermore, you can set up the child nodes in the same way from the same portal. Connect those nodes to the parent node and click the “Add wired child nodes” option on the portal.

Set Up Through Linksys App

Don’t be worried, if you face difficulties executing the first process, try this one instead of struggling with the first one. This Linksys Velop setup app method will also provide you access to the same options and setup features.

  • Either use an Android or iOS device and access the app store
  • Launch the app and log into the Velop dashboard using admin password
  • Afterward, configure the parent node by choosing the Set Up node option
  • Create a Linksys Cloud account if you have not made one earlier
  • Use the screen directions to complete the setup in the right way
  • Connect the child nodes to the parent node through ethernet wires
  • Configure those nodes from the same app portal using the right option
  • Once the nodes are configured, place them strategically for better working

Final Words

We expect “the complete guide to setting up Linksys Velop: a step-by-step tutorial” will help you a lot. You will be successful in executing the Velop and start enjoying the network effectively. However, if you are seeking more help with the setup after having difficulties, then contact our tech expert team.

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