How To Perform Linksys Password Reset? Follow These Instructions

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After configuring your Linksys device, it is reckoned to change and set a strong password for the device’s network to make it secure. Or in any case, you forgot the current password of the Linksys device, and clearly, there will be a need to retrieve it. But, there might be a probability that you don’t know how to do that. So, just utilize and apply these directions for this process.

Default Password Of The Linksys Device

linksys password reset

While configuring the Linksys device, you will need to use its default password that you can take from its manual setup guide. In most cases, the device’s default password is the “admin”, which you can change once the device is configured successfully. Also, you can use “admin” as the username in the required field.

Access The Setup Portal To Change The Password

In order to retrieve or do the Linksys password reset, go to the default web-based setup portal on the networked device. To do this, use these tips.

  • Initially, take your networked device and open any web browser on it.
  • Type the Linksys default web or IP address in the field and click enter.
  • Here, use as the web address and as the IP.
  • As a result, the login window will open on the device’s screen.
  • Fill in the login credentials and click on the Sign-In button to log into Linksys.
  • On the next page, choose the wireless settings under the advanced settings.
  • Later, click “EDIT” after selecting the password option on the device’s screen.
  • Enter the current password of the device and also the new password that you want to set.
  • Insert the new password again in the Confirm New Password field and click enter.
  • Additionally, select the Linksys password hint to keep remembering the new setup password.

What To Do If I Forgot The Linksys Password?

In case you don’t remember the Linksys password, choose its reset function to discard the configured settings. After doing this, you will be able to set up a new password for the network.

Reset The Linksys Device

  • For this process, disconnect the networked device from the Linksys gadget.
  • Take a hair clip or any pin if there is any requirement to perform the reset process.
  • Then, insert the pin into the reset hole button on the Linksys device panel.
  • Insert and hold the pin into the hole till you see the optimal LED color on the device.
  • For the next few minutes, the light will keep blinking and turn solid soon.
  • The reset process will complete when the device light starts showing a constant indication.
  • After completing the reset process, configure the device by using the app or web-based portal.
  • Hence, in this way, you will be able to retrieve and set up a new password for the Linksys gadget.

Set A Strong Password

While setting up the new password for the Linksys extender network, keep in mind to make it unique and stronger than the old one. So that it can prevent hackers and avoid misuse. Also, set up the new password for both frequency bands separately.

Make sure to include some special characters in the password such as the capital letter and numeric as well. Avoid including your name and some common things in the password. Lastly, note down that password somewhere safe for later use.

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