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These days, wireless networks have become a cuticle part and the demand for stable signals has never been greater. This is where the 5GHz frequency band in the WiFi network comes in. But, sometimes it can be more frustrating if the 5GHz band is not working and showing in the list. As this latest technology band works with more stability. If you are also facing the 5GHz WiFi not showing the issue, then there could be several reasons for this. But, apply these solutions to get things clear.

Verify The Router’s Bands

The first solution to resolve this issue is to check whether your existing router has a 5GHz band or not. Because there may be a chance that your router is obsolete and does not have this frequency band and can only have a 2.4GHz band. So, verify it once either through its documentation or advanced settings. If the router does not support this, then you will need to replace it with a new one to avail of the 5GHz WiFi band feature.

Enable The Router Band

Fortunately, if your current router has a 5GHz band, then ensure to enable it so that it starts performing on that. For this process, make use of these instructions.

  • Use your networked device and visit the router’s login portal on any web browser.
  • After logging in to the router, select the wireless settings option on the next screen page.
  • Check the wireless settings and then see both bands’ options which may be visible similarly to Wireless Modes.
  • Check that the 5GHz option is set to “802.11/a/n/c” or “802.11 ac”.
  • Following this, turn the ON button on the 5GHz band tab and let the router show this option in the list.

Check The Device’s Bands

Besides that, make sure your device has a 5GHz band and that must be enabled. To verify and enable this, go to the device’s network settings and see the option there. You will probably see the Wireless Settings option on that page. Next, click on that option and enable the 5GHz band if that is disabled.

Remove Obstructions

After verifying and enabling the 5GHz frequency band of the router and device, if it still is not appearing in the list then examine the obstacles in the network. There might be a probability that some barriers are stopping that band to work.

Undoubtedly, the 5GHz band is new but has a shorter range limit than the older 2.4GHz band. Clearly, this will not be able to cross signals through thick walls and wooden items. Also, there might be obstructions from the electrical appliances. So, try to relocate the router near the extender and keep this away from those objects.

Discard The Configured Settings

If the above-mentioned methods do not work for the issue, then choose this last tip. Which is to reset the Linksys device to remove the previously configured settings and that error as well.

  • In order to do this, locate and use the Linksys device’s reset button.
  • Press and hold that button to start the reset process immediately.
  • Once the reset process has been done, reconfigure the device.
  • Keep in mind to enable the 5GHz option while configuring it.

As a result, the 5GHz WiFi not showing error will resolve in this way and your router start using it. If it is still not appearing in the list then, take more help from our Linksys Support Technicians. Simply take solutions from them and directly apply them to the Linksys WiFi network. Literally, they will be happy to assist you!

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