9 Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal For Faster Internet Speed

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No doubt, you can improve the existing internet signals by using several consideration points and applying them to the network. But, for your excessive requirement for the internet, you can opt to get the Linksys extender. Which will work to expand those existing router signals in a significant way. So, go through this blog information to get those useful points and the Linksys WiFi extender setup tips as well.

 Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Change The Router’s Placement

Foremost of all, choose another location for the router as this point will play a crucial role in the signal strength. Place your existing router in the central location of your house and check the internet speed later. Try to place the router upwards on a shelf rather than placing it on the ground. So that there will be signal transfer in every corner of your ample place.

Eliminate Interference

In addition to that point, try to keep your house’s electrical appliances away from the router to avoid signal interruptions. These are your cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, and microwaves which can absorb WiFi signals and make the network sluggish. So, while choosing the best location for your router, keep in mind this point also.

Upgrade The Router

If you are using an outdated router, that can be a major factor in making the internet slow. As some older routers are less compatible and incapable of working faster. So, it is advisable to change or get a new router which must have the latest technology features. So that, the new router is able to fulfill your excessive internet requirement.

Change Advanced Settings

At this point, try to make some modifications to the router’s advanced settings. Check whether your router’s frequency bands are working or not if it supports dual-band. You must prefer to change the bandwidth channels of the router to minimize digital interference and make the network less congested. More than that, enable the Quality Of Service feature accordingly if your router supports it. Doing so will allow the router to provide the fastest signals to essential tasks.

Make Your Network Secure

If your router network has an easy-to-guess password, there could be some unauthorized users on it for sure. Which are using the network excessively and making the speed slower. So, check the list of connected devices and if you find any external users, try to log out of them. To do this, change the network password and enable the WPA3 security encryption also.

Make Your Devices Compatible

Equally important to the router’s changes, it is necessary to make your devices compatible which are actually networked. Change those devices’ advanced settings and update the web browsers too. Moreover, check the connection strengths between your devices and the router’s network.

Install The Extender

If still, you are requiring more internet or your router is not providing the fastest speed, you can opt to get a Linksys extender. This extender will work as a repeater and amplify the router’s signals in the widened area. This device ensures that there will be no WiFi dead spots remaining at your place. So, get the extender and do the Linksys WiFi extender setup appropriately for an optimized network.

Make Wired Connections

After setting up your Linksys extender, you must prefer to network your devices by using the ethernet wires. This type of connection will ensure your device gets reliable and stable internet signals from the extender. It is always experienced that wired connections are faster with strong signals. More than that, it offers minimized latency and removes WiFi signal-related difficulties.

Get The Extender’s Latest Firmware

After using the extended network continuously, you might feel that the internet speed is going slow. Maybe the outdated firmware is the reason behind this and the extender requires an updated version now. So, it is advisable to keep the firmware updated always to avoid technical errors and sluggish internet speed as well.

To get the latest firmware, access the Linksys extender management portal or the manufacturer’s website. Go to the Administration option after the Linksys extender login and save that file on your PC after downloading it. Thereafter, carry out the updating process and check whether the extender network is working optimally or not. Also, reboot the extender after completing the process.

Now, confirm that you are getting the desired internet speed once you apply these 9 best ways to improve WiFi signals. If still, you are looking for more help with the same issue, get in touch with our team of experts right away.

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