How to Perform Linksys Velop Setup Without App?

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Although you can set up your Linksys velop easily, by using the Linksys Smart WiFi app. But, sometimes there can be a case that the Linksys app stops working due to some technical glitches. In that case, you might require to follow another approach for the Linksys velop setup without app. But, before moving to the setup process, check out this blog information so that there will be no hassles.

linksys velop setup

Another Approach: Linksys Velop Setup Without App

If the Linksys app does not start working after applying some troubleshooting tips, you must prefer to use the Linksys velop setup without app method. Unlike the app setup process, you will require access to the Linksys Velop setup page. To reach there, you can either search for the Velop’s default web or IP address in the networked device’s web browser. Let’s start the process with the listed below simple points.

Get The Pre Requirements Earlier

Before starting the Linksys velop setup without app process, go through some of its prerequisites. Gather the things which are listed below that the setup process will require to complete.

  • Your Linksys velop with its other nodes.
  • Ethernet and power cables must not have any sign of tear or wear.
  • Your existing modem with its network password.
  • The Velop’s default web or IP address.
  • Any WiFi-enabling device and access to its web browser.

Connecting The Velop Mesh Together

Begin by connecting your Linksys velop to the existing modem using an ethernet cable. Then, plug the Velop main router into the power socket and take its other nodes as well. Use the other ethernet cables and attach other nodes to the Velop parent node. Lastly, keep the velop router centrally to your house and closer to the modem. Whereas, move the other nodes to that place where you face slow internet speed.

Access The Web Setup Interface

At this point, access the Linksys velop setup portal by using its default web or IP credential. Here, it is recommended to check these addresses from velop’s manual setup guide if you are unaware of these. Search for the web address in the networked device’s web browser and click enter later. But, use as the IP address if you are unable to access the page through a web address.

Complete The Linksys Velop Setup Without App Process

In the last step of the process, choose the network that you desire to install, once you visit the setup page. Open the wireless network list on the web portal and select the official network from there. The browser will prompt you to fill in the network’s password so insert the default password and click Extend. Soon, the web portal will show you a “Extend Successfully” message on the screen. In the end, go beyond the directions which will display on the app screen.

Check For Firmware Updates

In order to achieve the optimized performance of the Linksys velop network, keep its firmware up to date always. Doing so will enable the network to prevent errors and let it work with the best performance. So, open the Linksys app if it starts working now, and check the new firmware version there.

Alternatively, you can check the same file on the web management page. So, get and save that file on your PC if it is available for your Velop model accordingly. Then, reach out to the next page again and do the firmware updating process and upload the file there. You can also click on the Auto-Update button to let the app automatically check and update the firmware.

Reset The Velop To Fix Errors

In any case, if your Linksys velop starts showing errors in its working, you can reset the velop to get them fixed. But, before resetting the velop, you can use some common resolving points. Such as relocating the velop nodes and making the connections again But, it will require the setup again as the older configured settings will discard after the reset process.

Locate the dedicated reset button from the Velop’s bottom panel and wait until the light starts blinking. Once the LED turns stable and solid, do the setup again by using the web portal or the Linksys WiFi app. Use the on-screen directions to complete the setup process in the right sequence.

Thus, confirm that you are successful in the Linksys velop setup without app with the help of these simple points. You can also do the Linksys WiFi extender setup from the Linksys WiFi app by following the screen instructions. Do the Linksys extender login and adhere to the directions for the setup process. For more help, you can contact us right away.

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