Guide To Improve Linksys Mesh WiFi 6 Setup

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The useful Linksys mesh WiFi 6 setup can efficiently boost your home network. These mesh devices are becoming popular due to their comprehensive and shameless coverage capability. However, to improve the Linksys mesh WiFi 6 setup’s performance, you might need some guidance. But, be worry-free as this article will help you for sure.

Verify The Configured Settings

linksys mesh wifi

Once you configured the Linksys mesh device, check its settings and make changes in the advanced settings if required. But before that, make sure the previously installed settings are accurate and the nodes are connected well. After that, disable the older WiFi settings that can make the network slow.

Add More Nodes

Fortunately, this mesh network comes with more nodes satellites, that you can add or join to the configured network. These nodes will amplify the existing internet signals and make the parent node’s performance optimized. For this process, you can use the Linksys smart app and click on the Add Nodes option. Meanwhile, plugin and join the other nodes by using power and ethernet cables.

Position The Nodes

Undoubtedly, the placement of the Linksys nodes is crucial when it comes to getting stable internet signals. After configuring and adding nodes together, place the parent and child nodes in the right location. Try to place the nodes at the center of your place as the halfway location is the ideal placement. More than that, keep the large, metallic, and electrical appliances away from the mesh network so that there will be no obstructions.

Monitor Network On The App

Equally important to the configuring process, monitoring the network is also the most considerable point. To do this, use the Linksys smart app.

  • Install the Linksys smart app on the networked device to verify the network working.
  • Take guest control to provide access to the guest and other users. This will allow you to make the network’s users limited.
  • Moreover, you can take parental control to restrict the websites that can cause malware and make the performance weak.
  • Last but not least, you can check the number of networked devices on the app.

Update Device’s Software

In addition to those methods, keep the mesh system’s firmware updated every time. As this process will ensure that you have foolproof security features and bug fixes that improve the network performance.

  • Use the networked PC and access the web-based setup portal.
  • Download the latest firmware file if there are any updates available.
  • Again go to the same page and start the Update Firmware process.
  • After completing the updating process, reboot the mesh system.
  • Hence, you will succeed in improving the mesh system working.

Some Advanced Settings

In addition to those useful tips, also use Linksys’ cutting-edge technology features that will surely improve the performance in a great way.

Enable Beamforming Feature

This feature will make the signals-receiving and transferring processes effectively. As this technology focuses the WiFi signal in the direction of the connected devices.

Adjust Channel Settings

The Linksys mesh WiFi 6 setup can automatically change and select the best channels accordingly. However, you can manually adjust the channel settings on the web-based portal as you desired.

Make Wired Connections

The last tip here is to try to make wired connections rather than wireless ones. Through these connections, your devices will remain connected every time and get strong signals with maximized stability.

We hope that this guide to improve Linksys Mesh WiFi 6 Setup will work for your mesh system. If you are still unable to improve its working, then let our experts do that. Contact them by calling +1 716-992-6370 or mailing

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