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Are you tired of getting weak internet signals continuously? Or struggling with the internet connection stability? Maybe you are not able to find the causes and are unable to solve that, but these solving tips that we got will work for you. Here are some Tips and tricks to boost signals that you can try to get the optimized signals back. So, keep reading this article without skipping any points!

The Ideal Location For The Router

The foremost and easiest step to boost the internet signals is to locate the optimal place for the router placement. Mainly, the ideal location of the router is halfway to your place, whether it is your home or workplace. So, use the central location and make sure there are no electrical appliances placed there as those can interrupt signals. In fact, you can use the spot finder feature in the app to get to know the ideal placement for the router.

Update The Router Firmware

The second main method to get the best internet signals is to execute the router’s firmware version. As the outdated or obsolete version of the software can make the router’s performance slow.

  • Use the networked PC for this process and open the default web portal.
  • Download the latest firmware file from there and save it on that PC.
  • Again, visit the same page and perform the firmware updating process.
  • After completing the process, your router will start performing well.

Attach A Extender Device

No matter how robust your current router is, it might be unable to provide better internet coverage throughout every corner of your place. So, we reckon you to install a Linksys extender and attach it to your existing router to get amplified signals. Interestingly, this device will allow you to get strong and fastest signals even at the WiFi dead spots with less effort and time. Every extender of the Linksys series comes with an easy WPS installation process.

Some Useful Points

While configuring the extender, take and use some consideration points that will allow the extender to amplify signals effectively.

  • Ensure that your router has a WPS button so that it can be attached to the extender easily.
  • Also, if your router is outdated or an old one then replace it with a new one that must have cutting-edge technology features.
  • More than that, place the router and extender closer to each other while configuring them.
  • After installing the extender, you can relocate it to the desired location while keeping this within the range limit.
  • Try to make a wired connection to get stable and uninterrupted signals to the networked devices.
  • Additionally, make and keep the networked device’s web browsers updated every time.
  • Also, update the extender’s firmware timely to get its optimized performance.
  • Last but not least, adjust the router and extender’s antennas in a perfect position.

Remove Extra Gadgets

In this case, there might be a chance that some of your devices are connected to the network but are not in use. That will clearly, absorb and weaken the internet signals of the router network. Although those devices are not in use, they utilize the same amount of signals and internet. So, discard the connections between those devices and the router and limit the number of users. In this way, your router will start delivering the fastest signals to the networked devices.

Lastly, you will need to contact our Linksys support technicians, if these tips and tricks to boost linksys signals will not work for your device. To avail of this service, call +1 716-992-6370 or you can drop queries at They will shortly assist you with tips and tricks to boost signals.

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