How To Factory Reset Linksys RE6500?

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Unfortunately, there can be a case when you start experiencing the Linksys extender working errors. There could be some identified or unidentified reasons which are causing the errors. You might be unable to fix the working even after applying basic troubleshooting tips and hence, resetting the extender will become vital. So, use these blog’s instructions to perform the reset process perfectly.

Why Extender Requires Reset?

reset linksys re6500

Although the common resolving points are enough to resolve errors, your extender will become workable quickly. But, sometimes, there can be major issues in the extender network, which can force you to reset it. Such as you placed the extender ideally but still, there are weak signals and intermittent connections.

The extender is showing stable LEDs but the network’s errors are creating the issues and stopping it to work. Or your device is connected strongly to the network but without the internet signals. You are using the extender’s accurate details but the web setup page is not accessible to you. In those cases, the extender requires to reset and there is a need to do the Linksys RE6500 setup again.

Create A Backup Before Resetting

As you reset the Linksys extender, the currently configured settings will discard along with the working error. Clearly, you will need to perform the setup process from scratch if you don’t create a backup of those settings. But, you can save your settings now from the web management portal before resetting the extender.

  • First, go to the extender’s web setup page on any networked device.
  • To visit there, search for http// on the browser’s search bar.
  • Later, reach the management window and explore the other settings.
  • Look for the “Backup Configurations” option and tap on it.
  • Wait for a few minutes till the extender makes a backup file as it will take some time.
  • Finally, the backup process is complete and you can do the reset process now.

Factory Reset Linksys RE6500

Basically, there are two different options available to factory reset the extender. These are by using the reset button and through the web portal. So, go through these processes separately and choose your preferred one.

Reset By Pushing The Button

In this easiest method, you will only require to press the reset button for at least 5 to 7 seconds. Locate the dedicated reset button on the extender’s panel and most probably it will be on the side’s panel. Afterward, release the button after pressing it and check the LED indication as well. Wait till the blinking light turn solid and stable which will indicate that the process is complete.

Factory Reset On The Web Portal

In this process, there will be a requirement to visit the management page of the extender. So, open any web browser and go to the page by using the default web address http// Then, choose the Factory Default option under Administration and click on the “Restore Factory Default” option. After that, reboot the extender after leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds and plug it in back.

Now, you can click on the “Reset Configurations” option on the same page if you created the backup earlier. Doing so will allow the extender to get back into the working state without any configuration. But, if you didn’t make the backup, then you will require to do the setup again. So, choose the web setup process or any other one you prefer to reconfigure your extender.

Set Up The Linksys Extender

To make your extender ready to use after configuring it, use the web setup method. The web portal will walk you through the setup process by providing the setup instructions on the device’s screen. Take your device and use the setup tips from here.

  • Plug in the extender and check the power LED on its panel.
  • Then, make your device networked after connecting it to the extender.
  • Launch your preferred web browser on it and access the web setup page.
  • Next, log in to the extender using the default username and password.
  • Choose the network from the next page that you want to configure.
  • Now, the screen will show you directions till you complete the process.
  • Soon, you will get an “Extended Successfully” message on the display.
  • Later, make some changes in the extender’s wireless advanced settings.
  • Also, set a new and strong network password and change the SSID name.
  • Doing so will help you to prevent working errors in the extender.

Thus, you will succeed in resetting the Linksys extender and setting it up as well. If still, you are struggling with your network errors, then get in touch with our technical experts for more help.

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