How To Fix Red Light On Linksys Router?

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Have you started experiencing the red light on Linksys router all of a sudden due to some technical glitches? No doubt, that condition can be annoying if you are not able to get the light issue fixed on your own. As there can be a number of unrecognizable errors and you might be unable to identify and solve them as well. But, the resolving points mentioned here will surely work for your network’s error, so try them out separately.

red light on linksys router

Check Power Supply

The foremost cause behind the Red Light on Linksys Router can be the interrupted power supply. Clearly, if there is a broken power socket there will be a disrupted electricity supply to the router. Which can surely cause the router to show red light. So, verify this thing and use another outlet if there is a requirement to change.

But, ensure to choose the perfect outlet this time and the router must be connected strongly to it. Meanwhile, check the router’s panel whether it is overheating or not due to continuous usage. If it is, then try to keep it unplugged for some time to let it cool down. After some time, plug it in again and the Red Light on Linksys Router issue will resolve now.

Verify The Cables And Connectivity

If still, the Linksys router is showing a red light, then you must check the cables and connections. If your router, existing extender, and devices are connected through wires then check if those wires are broken or not. A single and tiny cut on the wire can cause this issue and there will be an intermittent connection. So, check the wired connections and the wireless and ethernet ports as well. Choose the official network for a wireless connection and change the wire if that is broken or damaged.

Change The Router’s Location

Apart from that approach, try to choose the best location for the router and keep it within the modem’s range. If both devices are placed too far away from each other, there will be weak or unstable signals transfer. Or there can be a case that your house appliances are interrupting the internet signals. So, try moving the router closer to the extender and away from those signal-absorbing appliances.

In addition to that, you can find the ideal location from the router’s management page. You can access the management page either by using the WiFi app or through http// But, for location purposes, use the Linksys WiFi app on your device and choose the spot finder option. Doing so will suggest some better placement options for your router.

Examine Compatibility

Another possible reason for Red Light on Linksys Router can be the weak or no compatibility of the existing modem and networked device. Maybe your existing extender/modem is not able to work with the Linksys router. So, we recommend you get the Linksys extender and do the Linksys extender setup and attach it to the router. Besides that, ensure your networked device and its web browser is compatible with the extender network. If it is not, then try using a different device and web browser.

Check Firmware Updates

Undoubtedly, the outdated firmware version can be a major reason that causes the Red Light on Linksys Router issue. In most cases, the blinking LED denotes that the router is updating the firmware but the solid LED indicates that there is a network error. For software updates, visit the http// management page and check for the latest file. Carry out the updating process after downloading the file if there is any available and uploading it to the option. Thereafter, reboot the router if required and check the LED status after connecting your device to it.

Reinstall The Router

If none of the above-mentioned points work for your network’s error, then resetting the router might. The faults in the currently configured settings can disrupt the working and show a red light for sure. In this case, you will need to discard the installed settings and do the Linksys router setup again. So, choose the dedicated reset button on the router’s panel and press it for a few seconds. After resetting it, perform the setup process from scratch by using accurate details and directions.

Now, confirm that you succeed in resolving the Red Light on Linksys Router once you perform the reset process. If still, you are struggling with the same problem, then contact our technical expert’s team. We would be more than happy to assist you with your device queries.

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