How to Fix Linksys Extender Not Connecting to Internet?

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Are you frequently facing a “Linksys extender not connecting to internet” issue? There is nothing like worrying about it. Because this is a common error and it often happens with the Linksys extender users. This error is also referred to as “Linksys extender connected but no internet,” and “Linksys extender not working.” If you receive any of these notifications on your device’s screen, you can fix this by following the instructions and guidance provided in this blog post. Let’s start!

Linksys Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Possible Causes Linksys Extender Not Connecting to Internet

While trying to connect your Linksys device to your host modem, if you are unable to make a connection between these devices, there could be many different causes. Here, we have outlined the most common and some possible ones. Let’s find them out below!

  • Linksys extender is placed too far from the host modem
  • The external antennas of the device are not correctly positioned upwards
  • Linksys extender doesn’t have a power supply
  • There is no internet connection from your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Your Linksys extender is unable to contact the modem due to network interference
  • The firmware of any of the two devices doesn’t support and requires a recent update
  • There are so many network interrupters in the room where you placed the device
  • Linksys WiFi extender login has not been completed correctly
  • WiFi settings of the device are not correctly optimized

These are just a few causes. There could be many other reasons why you are facing a Linksys extender not connecting to internet issue. You need to identify the exact cause to resolve the issue fastly.

Identifying the Exact Cause Behind the Error

Identifying the exact cause behind the error is a tough task, especially for users with a lack of knowledge and proper understanding of Linksys products and their procedures. However, if you keep a few crucial factors in mind, you can readily identify the exact reason you are experiencing Linksys extender not connecting to internet error. Here are those:

  • Status LEDs on a Linksys extender device light differently in different modes. You can identify the possible cause behind the Linksys extender not connecting to internet error by studying the color and behavior of these LEDs.
  • In most cases, poor internet connectivity is the problem. Try connecting the internet to other devices. This may help you know whether you have an active internet connection.
  • Consider checking the manual for useful information. This might help to guess or identify the reason behind the error.

Troubleshooting Linksys Extender Not Connecting to Internet Issue

To troubleshoot and fix the Linksys extender not connecting to internet issues, follow the hacks given below:

Examine the Wired Connections

Check your Linksys Extender’s hardware connections first. Make that the extender is connected to a power outlet correctly and that the LED lights are on. Additionally, check that the extender is inside your router’s coverage area because being too far away will affect connectivity.

Restart the Router and Extender

An easy restart might sometimes resolve connectivity problems. Start by shutting off the router and your Linksys Extender. Wait for just a few seconds and then turn both devices on. This will re-establish the network connection and maybe fix any momentary issues.

Reset the Extender

Try resetting the Linksys Extender to its factory default settings if rebooting the devices didn’t fix the issue. Use a paperclip or another small, pointed device to hit the reset button on the extender, which is typically located on the bottom or back. The extender’s LED lights won’t start blinking until you hold down the reset button for around 10 seconds. When you release the button, the extender returns to its factory defaults. Perform the Linksys WiFi extender setup again to it and see if internet connectivity returns. This process may fix the Linksys extender not connecting to internet problem.

Check Your WiFi Settings

Make sure the right Wi-Fi network is selected for your Linksys Extender to connect to. Enter the extender’s given IP address or the default IP address, such as, to access the extender’s settings through a web browser. Once there, make sure the security settings, such as the password, match those of your router. Also, ensure that the extender connects to the correct SSID (network name).

Software and Firmware Updates

Outdated firmware is one of the most significant reasons behind Linksys extender not connecting to internet problems. Check for any available firmware upgrades for your extender model on the Linksys website. Download and then install the most recent version of the firmware. Additionally, make sure the firmware on your router is current. Updated firmware on both devices can enhance compatibility and fix known problems.

Disable the Security Software or Settings

Security software on your computer or mobile device may occasionally obstruct the Linksys Extender’s ability to connect to the internet. Disable any firewall, antivirus, or VPN programs momentarily, then see if the extender can establish an internet connection. If it does, change the security software’s settings to permit the extender’s connection.

Make a Call to Linksys Support

It might be time to get in touch with Linksys support if you have completed all the troubleshooting methods above but the Linksys extender not connecting to internet problem still persists. They can help you with more complex troubleshooting procedures unique to your extender model and offer further support.

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