Linksys AC1200 Short Guide For Easy Setup

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If you are facing issues with WiFi signal transmission then, you need to check many things. So, to move on the device with good internet speed you need to perform the full setup steps given here. Moving on with what to avoid for a good Linksys AC1200 setup.

AC1200 Range Extender

Things To Avoid For On Linksys Extender

Check if both the Linksys extender and the existing router are in good places. Additionally, check the internet plan of your device. As the distance of the device matters a lot. Check the speed limit of the extender. Verify if the devices are not placed very far from each other.

Settle This Device In the Right Place

The open area is the best place to place any router. As it can give you more coverage benefits. Therefore, connect the gateway of the device to the Internet Service Provider. However, it is available mostly on the outside wall.

Connect To The Internet Via An Ethernet

Make sure to connect the router to the ethernet wire to successfully get a good connection. It can easily solve the problem of distance. A CAT5e wire and a CAT6e both are best to elevate the signals anyhow. If this method is not working then, place a wire from the walls to the center location of the device. Do not worry much about choosing any option. You can use a basic Ethernet cable, plugged into the Internet port of the router’s wide networks (WAN). Now the different ports are typically set apart from each ports by a different color.

Note: If your device falls off the internet speed so often then connecting the Mesh system will be the best option, and it can beat any dead zone from the path.

Check The LEDs On The Device

Make sure your extender and the router are in good connection with each other, then connect the ethernet wire well. Therefore, Turn on the devices if the devices blink the red Light light it means the connection is poor. But in case, the LED light on your devices is blinking blue or green it means you have achieved a good connection.

Test The Connection Using Your Android, Mac, or Windows

Confirm the internet connection by plugging one of your devices like a computer or Laptop into the device. If things are well and you are on an active connection then, you are good too.

We hope this Linksys AC1200 Setup short guide was very helpful for you. For much more crucial guides, stay tuned with us.

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