Linksys Bridge Mode Setup

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To create a combined network or to use only an extended router network, you can reliably choose the Linksys bridge mode setup. Also, you will be able to create and use the Linksys router as the Access point setup through this approach. Here you might know the entire process like why and how to use this mode. But, don’t worry, you will get brief information regarding the whole process.

What Is Bridge Mode Setup?

linksys bridge mode

The Linksys bridge mode setup is a process that makes a joined network of the extended router rather than making a separate network for each. As the name itself clarify that there will be a bridge between the router and the modem and as a result, the router will create a mesh network.

More than that, this configured mode will disable the Network Access Translation feature and enable the router to work as a DHCP server. Clearly, there will be no IP address or other conflicts in the network. Additionally, the bridge mode works to analyze the network traffic and transfer it to its intended destination.

Bridge Mode Setup Process

To let your extended router operate as a bridge mode setup, utilize this information. Take your device, router, and Linksys gadget and execute the procedure appropriately.

Plug In The Router

Choose a suitable location and plug it to fix the router into a power socket. Turn the power switch on to perform the further process. Make sure there is a proper electricity supply and the router gets connected well. Also, there should be no obstructions in the connection so that you perform the process hassle-free.

Access Web-Based Portal

After that, connect your device to the router network and visit the web-based setup page on that. Perform the router’s login process by inserting the login credentials in the prompted field. Ensure that the device’s web browser is updated and you use the accurate details while visiting the login portal.

Do Bridge Mode Setup

After accessing the router’s setup portal, click on the setup window. There you will see the Linksys mode tab under the setup option. When you click enable it, there will be some other options such as IPv4 address, subnet mask and so on. Fill in the right details and enable the bridge mode.

Connect Both Devices

In the final step, use an ethernet wire to make an attached connection. Insert the cable from one end into the existing router’s port and another into the Linksys device’s ethernet port. Lastly, verify that the cable is working well and attached tightly to both devices. The “Connection Successful” message will appear on the screen.

Why Prefer Bridge Mode Setup?

Basically, there are a number of reasons why you should choose the bridge mode setup for your network. Mainly, to share the same network between two devices and let your other devices be connected to the only extended network, you must use this setup.

Furthermore, by choosing this mode, your network will remain to prevent another external source party to operate with the router. Interestingly, the router will start working in the access point mode. By having the combined network, there will be no conflicts between the router and the device’s IP and other details.

Hence, this information that you get here will be enough for you to set up a Linksys bridge mode setup. If that is not sufficient, then get in touch with our Linksys technicians. Take more help over a call at +1 716-992-6370 or mail

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