Linksys RE7000 Blinking Orange? Fix It Quickly!

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While using your home network, you might start encountering the Linksys RE7000 blinking orange condition unexpectedly. There could be several possible reasons behind this issue, which can be recognizable or unidentified to you. We know that this case can be more frustrating to you if you are unable to resolve that yourself. But, here are some troubleshooting points that you can try out to get the error clear from the network. Just read and apply them carefully.

Linksys RE7000 Blinking Orange

Check The Internet Connection

The most probable cause for the Linksys RE7000 blinking orange error can be the interrupted internet connection in the router. Your existing router might be running on an expired internet plan that requires it to be activated again. So, verify this thing once and try contacting your Internet Service Provider to get confirmation about it. Besides that, you can opt to choose an upgraded plan, if you require excessive internet for your devices.

If still, you are stuck with that problem, then try to move the extender closer to the router. In fact, choose a different location and another power socket to place the extender. Meanwhile, keep the extender unplugged for some time and let it take some rest after continuous usage. Ensure to choose the area which is free from signal interruptions. Thereafter, plug it in again and join it to the router and check the extender’s LED indication. Hopefully, the Linksys RE7000 blinking orange issue will resolve now from your extender.

Choose An Ideal Color

While relocating the extender, you might be confused to choose an ideal location to place it. But, the Linksys app management portal will give suggestions to you for this doubt. All you will require is to access the management window after doing the Linksys extender login on the app. Afterward, find the Spot Finder option from there and tap on it. Soon, the app will start showing some best suggestions for extender placement that you can try out for your product.

Update Extender Firmware

If both options do not work for the extender problem, then updating the firmware version will help you a lot. The outdated firmware version can be a cause that creates the Linksys RE7000 blinking orange condition if you have not updated the firmware for the last long time. So, to do this process, disconnect the extender from the router and leave it connected to your PC.

Then, visit the Linksys RE7000 setup page on your device’s web browser and choose the administration option. See the latest firmware version and download it on your networked computer. Later, upload the file to the same page by choosing it and doing the updating process also. Keep in mind, to choose the error-free and exact firmware file for your extender, and don’t turn off your PC during the process.

Factory Reset The Extender

If everything fails from the above-mentioned points, then choose the reset process of the extender. If there is any fault in the older configured settings or in the network settings, you will be required to discard those settings. Doing so will help you to remove the error and the installed settings as well.

  • Take the extender and plug it into a power socket for the further process.
  • Find the dedicated reset button, it might be located at the extender’s side panel.
  • Use a paperclip if required and insert it into the reset hole and hold it for at least 5-7 seconds.
  • Soon, the extender will start blinking once you press the button which means the extender is resetting now.
  • Once the LED turns stable after the reset completion, do the extender setup again.
  • After doing this, you will succeed in resolving the blinking light issue from your extender.

Set Up Extender Through The App

To configure the extender in the right sequence, you can choose the app setup method. Which will walk you through the setup procedure with providing the setup instructions. So, take any mobile and connect it to the extender network choosing the wireless network from the list. After that, install the Linksys WiFi app on that mobile and log in to that using the default login credentials. When you reach out to the setup portal, choose the official network and follow the directions shown on the app’s screen.

Thus, the Linksys extender will start showing an ideal LED color on it once you apply these troubleshooting tips. If again, you encounter this issue with your product, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Linksys Technical Experts for more help.

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